Casper Climbing

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Centre sportif René-Hartmann

Rue René Hartmann

L-3425 Dudelange


Phone: 00352 516 121 - 526

(during opening hours)

Email: info@d-summit.lu



Mon   16h - 22h
Tue     15h - 22h
Wed    12h - 17h
Thu    15h - 22h
Fri       16h - 22h
Sa       12h - 21h
Sun     10h - 20h


Bank connection:


LU64 0030 2685 8223 0000

Climbing gym in Dudelange

The climbing gym in Dudelange D-Summit offers you climbing for every age and level.

The Wall

  • 14,5 m height 
  • Overhang protruding up to 6m
  • 31 anchors
  • More than 60 routes in all levels

Rope climbing

For rope climbing you need to have a climbing partner, it is not possible to climb alone in the D-Summit climbing gym Dudelange. You must know how to belay in a safe manner.

The boulder room

  •  Not available now (coming soon)


Climbing without a rope, up to 6m of height. In bouldering you don't need a climbing partner, it's just you and your boulder, up to you you to find a way up ;) .

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